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February 14, 2012 11:03 pm
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  • Happening Here
  • By: Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Party Queen
  • 89 Plays

-NEW MUSIC- AYUMI HAMASAKI - HAPPENING HERE ( PARTY QUEEN ALBUM) Got this from special source in Japan Enjoy! As always like my posts and FOLLOW ME THNX. Angel.M @ AYUniverse

10:10 pm

-NEW MUSIC- AYUMI HAMASAKI - PARTY QUEEN(COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-12) ENJOY. As always like my posts and FOLLOW ME THNX. Angel.M @ AYUniverse 

3:12 pm

-NEWS- Party Queen Music Video -Live-

I will be posting a video of the entire Party Queen song later today so please check out this page, and i also have a video for her NEW song Happening Here which i will post tomorrow. Angel @ AYUniverse

February 11, 2012 3:07 pm

Party Queen and Limited edition box set! - New Album-

Ayumi Hamasaki will release her 13th studio album “Party Queen” on 21st March 2012! This 14-track album will come in three versions; CD+DVD+2DVD, CD+DVD and CD-only where the CD+DVD+2DVD version will include the concert “COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~”. It is also announced that “POWER of MUSIC 2011 A LIMITED EDITION” will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray the same day.

For fans who would like to get both “Party Queen” CD+DVD+2DVD and “POWER of MUSIC A LIMITED EDITION”, there will be deluxe bundle known as “Party Queen” SPECIAL LIMITED BOX SET which will include yet to be announced goods.

The new Album will feature:


  • how beautiful you are
  • Return Road
  • Shake It ♥
  • NaNaNa
  • Party queen
  • Letter
  • call
  • reminds me
  • the next LOVE
  • Eyes, Smoke, Magic
  • Tell me why
  • taskebab
  • a cup of tea
  • Serenade in A minor
  • (Undecided all 14 tracks on this recording and song order)